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Points for Attention in Construction Planning of Food Sterile Workshop

Sep 25, 2019

When building food aseptic workshop, the first thing to be concerned about is the environment of the factory area. There are no garbage, flies breeding and rodent hiding places in the factory area; auxiliary facilities such as roads and parking lots will not pollute the food processing area; and the drainage inside and outside the waste water treatment workshop will not pollute the food processing area, etc.

At the same time, food aseptic workshop should establish effective isolation to prevent biological, chemical and physical cross-contamination, floor, wall, lighting, smoke exhaust, etc. to meet the health and safety requirements. It is required that production workshops should be classified according to production technology, hygiene and quality requirements, and that they should be reasonably arranged according to production process and hygiene level required. All production operations carried out in the same workshop and adjacent vehicles should not interfere with each other. It is designed to prevent contamination of food, food contact surfaces and food packaging to a certain extent.

 In addition, food aseptic workshop processing areas, utensils and equipment, water supply pipelines, hand washing, toilets and other sanitary facilities, garbage disposal and so on are required to be clean, do not pollute food. When raw materials enter or leave warehouses, storage conditions shall not produce or cause contamination of other foods. The contamination of food by processing personnel, equipment and environment shall be minimized. Only when the food aseptic workshop is well designed and strictly complied with the requirements in the design and construction process of the factory, can it ensure a good environment and working conditions for the production after the factory is built.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/