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Precautions for the use of high efficiency air outlet for aluminum alloy

Mar 10, 2018

According to past experience of installation and use, we will summarize some notices about the use of aluminum alloy high efficiency air supply outlets, hoping to provide some references. First, the air blow out of the high efficiency air outlet of the aluminum alloy should be right to the working area which needs to be cleaned, and the large area of the goods should be avoided when working.


Secondly, during the period of use, we need to clean the aluminum alloy high efficiency air vent regularly to ensure the use effect. And the cleanliness of the working area should be checked regularly, and the high efficiency filter should be replaced if it does not meet the requirements of technical parameters. In addition, the use of the equipment is usually not more than 50 degrees centigrade, and the use of open fire is strictly prohibited.


On the other hand, when installing, the installation location of the aluminum alloy high effective air outlet should keep away from the high speed source as far as possible, preferably in the purification workshop. When installing, 5 millimeter thick latex gasket gaskets should be placed on the ground to ensure air tightness.


In addition to the above contents, the safe transportation of aluminum alloy high efficiency air outlets must also strictly abide by the signs and directions of the manufacturers. It is necessary to carry out light transportation and ride lightly, and avoid severe vibration and collision. Of course, it is necessary to check the appearance of the package at the site before the installation.


It should be noted that if we need to install the aluminum alloy high effective air supply in the clean room, the sealing between the air gap flanges and the ceiling panels shall be treated with gaskets. We must remember that cracks must be dealt with well.


After the installation is completed, it is also necessary to check the high efficiency air outlet of the aluminum alloy. When installing, it is necessary to allocate reasonably according to the resistance of each high efficiency air inlet. For one-way flow, the difference between rated resistance and average resistance of each unit should be less than 5% between the filters on the same air outlet or air supply surface.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/