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Preparation of air filter before purchase and sealing method of high efficiency filter

Jul 27, 2018

Air filter, this kind of filter, should have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because it is widely used and will be used frequently in some industries and fields, so, it has this specific requirement to realize the reasonable use of the product, and then, let the air filter have a good use effect and make the best use of it.


1. do air filters need to be prepared before purchasing?

Air filters need to be prepared before purchasing:

(1) In order to determine the filtration efficiency of the end air filter, the combination progression of the filter and the filtering efficiency at all levels should be determined to ensure the desired filtering effect.

(2) It is necessary to determine the dust content of outdoor air and the characteristics of its dust particles so that the air filter can be selected correctly and the environment of the product is well understood.

(3) It is necessary to understand the filter efficiency, resistance, dust volume and filtering wind speed to determine whether the filter can meet the requirements and achieve the desired filtering effect.


2. V type dense pleat filter in air filter

There are many specific types of air filters, such as primary, medium and high efficiency filters. In addition, there are also V type filters. So the following is a brief description of the V type fold filter.


V type dense pleat filter, which is one of the types of filter, is mainly used in the ventilation system, and has the advantages of large filtration area, small filtration resistance and long service life. The utility model can be used as a pre filter of the high efficiency filter, thereby prolonging the service life of the high efficiency filter. In addition, this kind of air filter can be used at 250 degree high temperature, and its filtration efficiency can reach 99.99%.


3. Sealing methods and related standards of high efficiency filters in air filters

The high efficiency filter in the air filter, in the seal way, is the three kinds of contact packing seal, liquid slot seal and negative pressure leakage seal, and which one is to see the actual situation and the use requirements of the filter.


The related standard of high efficiency filter is two aspects of product standard and engineering standard. In product standard, it is the two of GB-T13554-2008 "high efficiency air filter" and "performance test method, transmission rate and resistance" of GB/T6165-2008 high efficiency air filter, and on the standard of work process, it is the clean factory of GB50073-2013. The house design code is this one.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/