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Prepare work and operation specification before clean worktable

Oct 16, 2017

Clean worktable is one part of the purification engineering, in order to ensure that its use effect, the operation to have sufficient preparation before clean worktable, even at the same time in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures and standard operating equipment and device, to give full play to its function.

Before turning on the clean worktable draught fan, check the environment in step down and turn on the work light to achieve the work illumination.Secondly, it is necessary to check whether all the sterilization and experimental items used in the purification worktable are complete.If you need to replace the cage box, do not forget to check the preparation of the sterilized cage box,Move the stainless steel trolley to the door of the clean worktable.

Check whether the spray effect of the sprayer and the cleaning of the liquid used in the clean worktable have been configured.Without problem, open the air exhaust system in the room, and remove the odorous gas when opening the cage.In addition, the main environmental parameters affecting the reproduction, growth and development of experimental animals are also recorded, such as temperature, relative humidity, daily temperature difference, internal and external pressure difference of cage boxes.

When working on the clean worktable, the staff need to bring in disposable masks, hats and medical latex gloves.After that, we can gently lift the outer end of the IVC cage box with both hands, and remove the cage box from the cage, and place it on the stainless steel trolley next to the clean table.

Spray the outer surface of the gloves and the IVC cage, sterilize and adhere to the surface dust and prevent the flow of the air from the surface.Or use a gloved hand to dip into the liquid container, scoop up and twist dry liquid towel dry gloves, and clean the casing.

The next thing to do is to open the clean worktable to remove the door, and move the cage box into the purifying table.Also open the fastener between the bottom of the IVC cage and open the cage, lay aside the side and prepare for the next step.