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Principle and Design Method of Smoke Control in Clean Workshop

May 29, 2019

In order to reduce casualties and property losses in fire, smoke control must be carried out in buildings. At present, there are four kinds of smoke control modes in clean workshops in China. Among them, the smoke control design principle is to use the general exhaust duct in the lower air return area of the clean workshop to install a gate on it. Usually the gate is closed to maintain the operation of exhaust gas as a pure purification project. In case of fire in the lower air return area of the clean workshop or the clean workshop, the gate is opened to exhaust smoke.


Generally speaking, this kind of design pattern is common in the clean workshop of the old factory building, mainly because the former semiconductor factory seldom considered the smoke control system when it was built. Later, because of the need, it had to open a hole in the general exhaust duct and use it as smoke exhaust after installing the control gate, so it had the least impact on the original equipment and the factory service system.


Some problems need to be considered when using general exhaust duct as smoke exhaust system, such as whether the pipeline is high temperature resistant, whether the smoke exhaust volume is sufficient, whether the fan is a smoke exhaust fan, whether the gate is a smoke-proof gate, what level of its leakage is UL 555S, how to control and reliability of the system, so it is recommended to use a special smoke exhaust system.www.wxrfcleanroom.com