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Principle of air filter in purification workshop and how to use it in Subway

Nov 28, 2018

Air filter, which is a specific type of filter, is a common and common type. To know and understand this kind of filter is to be able to use it correctly and reasonably, and then make full use of the product, so as to avoid waste.


1. What is the principle and working process of air filter used in purification workshop?

In the purification workshop, the air filter is used. Its principle and working process are as follows: compressed air is flowed from the inlet and introduced into the guide plate, which has uniformly distributed helical teeth similar to fan blades, forcing the high-speed compressed air to rotate strongly in a certain direction while mixing. The liquid water and oil mixed in the air, as well as the larger impurities, are separated under centrifugal force and thrown to the bottom of the water cup in the upper runner of the inner wall of the water cup. The compressed air, which removes liquid water, oil and larger impurities, is filtered through the filter element to remove the tiny solid particles, and then the clean compressed air is exported from the outlet.


2. Is there any requirement for air filters for central air conditioners with cleanliness requirements?

The central air conditioning with cleanliness requirements has certain requirements for air filters.


(1) Oil-immersed air filter can not be selected for primary air filter. Intermediate-effect air filter should be centralized on the positive pressure section of the purified air conditioning system. High-efficiency air filter or sub-high-efficiency air filter should be set at the end of the purified air conditioning system.

(2) Medium-efficiency, sub-efficiency and high-efficiency air filters should be selected according to the rated air volume. In addition, the installation of high-efficiency air filters should be simple and convenient, so as to facilitate inspection, maintenance and replacement.


3. Why use air filters in the subway? Is there an air filter in the hydraulic system?

The purpose of using air filter in Metro is to ensure the normal operation of ventilation and air conditioning in metro. If there is a fire, it can also meet the ventilation requirements. In addition, this filter should have the advantages of firm structure, reasonable layout and flexible operation.


In hydraulic system, there are air filters. Besides air filters, there are oil filters. However, these two filters have different functions. Oil filters are used to remove impurities in oil and ensure the normal operation of the liquid system. Air filters are used to purify the air entering the tank. And turn it into clean air.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/