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Principles of air filtration for important components and air filters of high efficiency air filters

Oct 17, 2018

The air filter in the filter is widely used, so it is necessary to have a thorough understanding and comprehensive understanding of this kind of filter in order to rationally use and play its due filtering effect to achieve the purpose of use. Moreover, this can also avoid the problem of incorrect use of the product.


1. Filtration principle of air filter for air

The principle of air filter for air filtration can be summarized as following four functions:


Irregular Brownian motion: tiny particles do irregular Brownian motion in the air, when the impact to the filter media to stay.

Interception: Larger particles in the air will be intercepted by the filter when they cannot pass through the air filter.

Gravity sedimentation: Larger particles in the air will be due to their own gravity, precipitation in the course of movement.

Inertia: because of inertia, suspended particles will be impacted on the air filter and be intercepted.


2. Understanding of high efficiency air filters in air filters

In the air filter, there is a specific type of high-efficiency air filter, and it has some important components for:

Structure: Aluminum alloy profiles, multi-layer plates, aluminum sheets and galvanized steel sheets can be used for the outer frame of the filter. Among them, aluminum alloy profiles are widely used. In shape, it is cubic structure.

Filter material: it uses more fiberglass and chemical fiber, but it is not as good as glass fiber. In addition, some manufacturers will use static PTFE fiber to produce, this material is abbreviated as PTFE.


High efficiency air filter is divided into partition and non-partition, non-attendant is the use of hot melt glue as the filter element of the partition, so that it can be convenient for mechanized production. And there is a partition type, which is made of aluminum foil and paper folded as filter element partition board. In addition, high cleanliness requirements in the occasion is recommended to use non-partition high-efficiency air filters, because of its long service life with partition high-efficiency air filters.


3. Is air filter important in species selection?

Air filter, which is an air filter device, and will often be used, mainly used in clean workshop, clean workshop, clean room and laboratory, can also be used in electronic and mechanical communication equipment on the dust. In terms of category, it has primary effect, intermediate effect, sub-high efficiency and high efficiency, and corresponds to different filtration grades, standards and use efficiency. Therefore, the type of air filter should be correctly selected, so as to ensure good filtering quality and filtering effect, at the same time, can also let the air filter have a good use effect.