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Production workshop layout and structure requirements of GMP food Cleanroom

Mar 12, 2018

Actually, there are two basic requirements for the design and production of GMP food clean workshop workshop. One is that it is convenient for each production link to connect with each other, and the other is to facilitate the hygiene control of the process, so as to avoid the occurrence of cross contamination in the production process.


In fact, in the actual processing, food processing and production all follow a basic process, that is, the process from raw materials to semi-finished products can also be attributed to the process from non clean to clean. Considering the characteristic that a single, when the distribution of food and clean workshop workshop, should layout in accordance with the process of product order, which is never part of the clean processing products transition to clean areas, and shall not appear in the process of cross or back problems.


It should be noted that when designing and layout food clean workshop workshop, appropriate isolation measures should be taken to keep the clean area from the non clean area, so as to avoid cross contamination. At the same time, it should be in the proper place in the workshop to set up the cleaning, disinfection room, the cleaning tank for the working equipment, the cleaning tank for disinfection, the disinfection slot and the rinse groove.


So, how should the overall structure of the GMP clean plant be established? As a matter of fact, when building a food processing and purifying workshop at present, it mainly adopts steel mixed or brick structure, or according to the needs of different products, it is suitable for specific food processing in structural design.


In general, in the establishment of the overall structure, we should pay attention to ensuring the adaptation of the space and production of the clean food workshop. And we should arrange the space reasonably so as not to affect the production operation. In addition, the use of reasonable space layout in the clean food workshop also helps to reduce the pollution of the products.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/