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Purification and Installation Company Says the Notice of Purification Project

Dec 11, 2018

Purification and installation company introduced that the main characteristics of the purification engineering room is that the flow cross section of air flow between the outflow and the outflow is variable. The cross section of the clean room is much larger than that of the air supply port, so the uniform air flow can not be formed in the cross section of the whole room or in the work area of the whole room. Therefore, the streamlines after the air supply outlet have a large or growing angle with a small radius of curvature. It is impossible for the airflow to flow in a single direction in the room. They will impact each other and produce recirculation and vortices.


This determines that the flow pattern of the purification engineering room is essentially abrupt flow; there are two types of non-uniform flow one-way flow cleaning room, i.e. horizontal flow and vertical flow. In horizontal flow system, air flow flows from one wall to another. In the vertical flow system, the air flow is from the ceiling to the ground. One-way airflow is used for situations requiring lower concentration of suspended particles or microorganisms in the clean room.


Therefore, it is necessary for the purification and installation company to pay attention to that the temperature and humidity of the purification project should be determined according to the technological requirements, but under the conditions of meeting the technological requirements, people's comfort should be taken into account. With the improvement of air cleanliness requirement, the requirement of temperature and humidity for process is becoming more and more stringent. Specific process requirements for temperature will be listed later, but as a general principle, because the processing accuracy is more and more fine, so the requirements for the range of temperature fluctuation are becoming smaller and smaller.www.wxrfcleanroom.com