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Purification engineering purifying water pipe material, connection and...

Sep 16, 2017

A complete project includes many aspects, but neither the core nor the auxiliary can be ignored, otherwise the entire project quality will be affected.It's the same for the Purification engineering, and we're going to focus our attention on all aspects of it, including the purifying water pipeline in the project.

Since to meet the construction requirements of purification project, the selection of the pipe can't careless, also want to conform to the requirements of the cleanliness, so choose non-toxic plastic or stainless steel tubes as purification engineering of purified water pipes.After passivation, this kind of pipe will show chemical inertia, not easy to react with other substances, and easy to sterilize, the range of work temperature is also more extensive.

After the purification project is made of purified water pipe, the pipe connection and pressure test joint are also carried out. Since it is stainless steel pipe, it should be welded with hot melt argon arc welding.In order to conform to the engineering requirements, check the welding quality of the pipe to ensure that the inner wall is smooth.If it conform to the requirements, it can be used to test the ionized water before the welding is finished. The non-leakage is qualified.

Before put into use, also need to the purified water purification engineering pipeline cleaning, passivation, disinfection, and a series of processing, can be divided into purified water preflush, washing the lye recycling, purification water cleaning, passivation, purified water rinse again, several steps such as pure steam disinfection.

Strictly according to the specification to complete each link, so that it achieves the perfect effect, such a pipe is truly in line with the design standard of purification engineering.It is not only the pipeline, but other parts of the purification project should also be selected, installed and processed so carefully, thus achieving a corresponding cleanliness.