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Quick gate manufacturer explains the operation of the quick door and its manual rocker

Apr 26, 2018

Before the fast door manufactures are used, the matching of power supply, voltage and phase and this fast door should be checked first, so as to ensure the correct direction of the fast door. In case of no interruption, the wiring can be connected, checked and maintained on the open control box when the power supply is disconnected.


The technicians of the fast door manufacturers need to detect the range when adjusting the radar earth magnetic rings; when the power outage is stopped, the door body of the fast door will rise automatically. It is necessary to press the rush button to the starting state, avoid the drop of the door and hurt the person; when a long time is not used, please lift the fast door to the limit and cut off the power supply.


Fast door manufacturers remind users that it is necessary to wipe the infrared protection switch regularly with clean cloth to ensure that the function is used normally, not to be covered by dust; and the fast door curtain cloth is wiped regularly with clean cloth to keep the cord clean, but the cord fabric can not be wiped with neutral detergent.


In the case of blackout, when the fast door is unable to move, the brake steel cable is first pulled down to disconnect the brake from the motor; then the rocker is aligned with the motor down and the connection head to be stuck, and the manual rocker is used to make the fast door curtain move up and down. When the power supply is restored, the motor brake and curtain must be reset.


The fast door manufacturer also introduces the manual rocker of the fast door. The fast door can not use manual rocker in the process of electricity use. At this time, the fast door is in high speed and safety. Please do not touch the mechanical parts of the fast door.


After the power failure, the internal power supply of the controller must be closed before manual operation is carried out to prevent danger of sudden power failure. After the electricity, press the stop switch, open the control of the internal power switch, release the emergency stop switch, press the descending key back door body began to drop the bottom position automatically stop, at this time it is necessary to observe the position of the bottom is suitable.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/