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Rational design of power distribution in purification plant for purification and installation company

Mar 14, 2018

The purification and installation company has professional installation skills in the field of purification engineering, and the relevant staff know very clearly what are the things that can be done and what cannot be done, as well as matters needing attention in the process of engineering installation. As for the distribution system in the purification project, how does the purification and installation company usually handle it?


The cleaning and installation company will try to avoid installing electrical components on the floor of the workshop, because the dust-free workshop usually rinse with water pipes, and the floor will bear strong impact during the cleaning process. For the dust free workshop, the best position of the machine power lead placement is the wall. In order to shorten the length of the power line, the machine should rely on the wall as much as possible.


If the machine is always on the wall, the power can be supplied by the wires hidden on the back wall of the machine. If the machine is not on the wall, it can be fixed on the floor, and the shields should be provided as far as possible, so as to prevent the washing water and chemicals from eroding the wires under the machine.


If in the clean room adjacent to the no requirement of clean grade places, purification installation company will not lead will wear in the dust-free workshop on the wall, and through the place, the wire installed on the electrical components directly into the clean room, it can not only reduce the construction cost and is convenient for replacing the line.


Secondly, purification and installation companies usually use embedded installation for power outlets in decontamination projects, so as to eliminate corners and gaps, facilitate cleaning and waterproof and moisture proofing. Of course, we must set up enough spare outlets to meet the needs of expanding production in the future, so that we can avoid adding sockets in the future, and affect the air quality of the dust-free workshop.


It also relates to the cable pipe, cable and plug installation, purification installation company will according to the building type to determine cable pipe material; an assembly line after a plug into the wire should be large load type wire, and shall set up an overload protection device, the plug must use sealing device.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/