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Reasonable control of open and shut down time of clean air-conditioner in dustless clean room

May 30, 2018

The clean air conditioning system in the vast majority of the clean room in China is not running all weather continuously, so it is a intermittent operating system. Under this premise, the air temperature in the clean room will be changed and the room enclosure structure will be changed when its operation is stopped. A certain amount of heat or cold will also be stored.


It is necessary to have the required temperature when the clean room is used. Before this, the clean air conditioning system must be run first, for cold or heating, to eliminate the heat or cooling amount stored in the enclosure, and to reduce or increase the room temperature to the use requirements.


Due to the thermal performance, outdoor weather conditions and room use function of the dust free clean room, the precooling or preheating time is different. Even the same room and the same system will affect the precooling or preheating time because of the change of outdoor weather conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and summarize the reasonable precooling or preheating time under different circumstances, and then get the reasonable opening time of the clean air conditioning system under different circumstances.


Obviously, the precooling or preheating time is too long, the phenomenon of overcooling or overheating is easy to appear when the clean room begins to use, which not only consumes energy but also makes people feel uncomfortable; on the other hand, the precooling or preheating time is not enough to meet the room temperature requirements when the clean room is used, and the effect is also larger. Yes.


When the clean room is stopped, the operation of the clean air conditioning system is stopped. It is not a problem to meet the use of the air conditioner, but the time of the shutdown is not the best from the point of view of energy saving. Because the use of clean room is long enough, the cooling or regenerative capacity of its enclosure can be revealed, and it can play a role after the shutdown, so that room temperature will not rise or fall too fast.


Of course, the maintenance time of the stored cold heat is directly related to the thermal performance of the enclosure, the outdoor weather conditions and the size of the indoor load. For a clean room with a small window or a small outer window, the enclosure structure is a reinforced concrete room with a reinforced concrete or a brick masonry structure, when the outdoor weather conditions are not too bad and the indoor load is less than the design load, it is possible to stop some time in advance, and vice versa.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/