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Replacement Period of Filter in Purification System of Purification Room

Jan 23, 2019

The purifying room has strict regulations on the humidity, temperature, fresh air volume, state and illumination of the environment, which guarantees the production quality of the products and the comfort of the working environment of the staff. The whole purification room system is equipped with a set of air purification system with three-stage filters of primary, intermediate and filter, which controls the number of dust particles, sedimentation bacteria and plankton bacteria in the clean area. As the high-efficiency filter of the end filter device, it determines the operation effect of the whole purification system. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the replacement time of the high-efficiency filter.


Starting from the high-efficiency air filter in the purification room, whether it is a high-volume high-efficiency air filter installed at the end of the purification air conditioning unit or a high-efficiency air filter installed at the high-efficiency air outlet, these must have accurate running time records, cleanliness and air volume as the basis for replacement.


For example, the high-efficiency air filter installed in the purification equipment of the purification room, the service life of the well-protected high-efficiency filter can be as long as two years, we can replace the high-efficiency filter by the prompt of the pressure differential meter on the purification table; the replacement of the high-efficiency air filter on the FFU fan filter unit unit is more by the prompt of the PLC control system or the prompt of the pressure differential meter. Change the HEPA filter.


In the absence of a pressure differential meter, the color of the filter material on the upper and lower sides of the air filter can be observed. If the color of the outlet surface becomes black, the filter material on the outlet surface should be ready to be changed; if there is more dust on the hand, the filter material on the outlet surface should be prepared to be changed; and the change status of the air filter should be recorded many times to summarize the best change cycle.www.wxrfcleanroom.com