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Requirements and steps of pressure differential detection in Pharmaceutical Workshop

Jul 18, 2018

In order to ensure the normal production of the pharmaceutical workshop, it is necessary to reasonably control the pressure difference. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the pressure difference, and the purpose of the test is to verify the ability to keep the pressure difference between the facilities and the surrounding environment and the space between the facilities. The test of pressure difference in the pharmaceutical workshop is under the condition that all doors are closed, from high pressure to low pressure, the furthest inside and outside room of the outside room.


Generally, the main requirements for the pressure difference testing in the pharmaceutical workshop are as follows: 1, the static pressure difference measurement requires all doors in the clean area to be closed under all doors; 2, in the clean plane should be from the order of cleanliness from high to low, all the time to the room open outside; 3, the test pipe mouth is in the room. The influence of airflow can be measured anywhere. The pipe orifice is parallel to the airflow line. 4, the measured data should be accurate to 1.0Pa.


When testing the pressure difference in the pharmaceutical workshop, the specific steps are as follows: 1, all the doors are closed first; 2, the differential pressure meter is used to measure the pressure difference between the clean rooms, the corridor between the clean room, the corridor and the outside world; 3, record all the data.