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Requirements for rational construction of medical clean workshops

Aug 21, 2018

The cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure can be maintained steadily for a long time. And want to achieve such a requirement, medical clean workshop construction premise is reasonable design. We know that a perfect cleaning workshop construction scheme can make the team operation more efficient.


Professional pharmaceutical clean workshop construction enterprises have rich experience, can efficiently complete the project assigned by customers, to meet all customer needs. Before construction, the engineering design drawings and technical requirements should be confirmed, and the professional exchanges should be carried out to discuss the problems that should be paid attention to when cross-operation. Next is to pay attention to the inspection workshop used by the main materials, equipment is qualified, if necessary, to invite the owner to participate in the inspection.


Thirdly, the progress control and quality control should be strengthened in the whole construction process of the clean workshop, and the construction management system of the clean workshop should be strictly implemented. At the same time in the medical clean workshop, the wind speed of the air shower after the installation of the air shower room should be appropriate, too small wind speed can not meet the requirements of the air shower.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/