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Requirements for solar cell production workshop

Aug 18, 2018

Solar cell workshops are often highly demanding, and there are at least three conditions under which good products can be made:


First of all, the overall use of closed dust-free workshop design, to create good quality. That is to say, the solar cell production workshop has a completely closed and dustless structure, which can strictly control the temperature, humidity and dust in the production process, so as to ensure the excellent quality of the product.


The second is to achieve large-scale, automated production, and effectively improve the level of production. In the solar cell production workshop, the high performance automatic production equipment should be configured to minimize the incidence of bad products and ensure the stable manufacturing level and supply capacity.


The third point is that strict quality management standards are required for each production process. Each production line of the solar cell production workshop has at least a quality inspector for tracking and testing, and according to the strict quality control process control, by means of material quality control, process quality control, shipment quality control, battery reliability and safety performance testing, to ensure battery quality and provide safety for customers. Full and reliable products.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/