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Requirements for temperature control facilities of food clean workshop

Oct 24, 2017

Do you know what the temperature control facilities should meet during the design and layout of food clean buildings?For this problem, the actual production requirement should be considered.For example, in the workshop where the processing of perishable products is easy to occur, corresponding air conditioning engineering facilities should be equipped.

Usually, in the summer, for meat and aquatic products such as food processing workshop temperature requirement is no more than 15 ℃ to 18 ℃, as for the temperature between the marinated meat must control within 4 ℃.In addition, it is necessary to meet certain requirements for various instruments and equipment.

In general, within the food clean workshop, who used a variety of equipment and tools, especially the machinery equipment will occur and food contact, work station, conveyor, pipeline equipment, and various products such as basket, tray, cutting tools and other instruments of production materials shall meet the requirements of such a few: 1, non-toxic, not damage to the product;2. Corrosion resistant, rust resistant, resistant to aging deformation;3. Facilitate cleaning and disinfection;4. The materials of the various hose products used in the workshop meet the requirements of relevant food hygiene standards.

In addition, the facilities such as all the tools in the food clean workshop should be conducive to daily cleaning, disinfection and inspection and maintenance.For example, for tank equipment, the design should take into account the requirement that the internal material can be emptied.

In conclusion, the installation and layout of various processing facilities in clean food factory must meet the requirements of production process and meet the requirements of health management and other aspects.It should be noted that when installing a larger device, Distance and space should be kept for operation and maintenance.