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Rust Removal and Anti-Corrosion Measures for Pipelines and Equipment in Purification Workshop

Dec 28, 2018

In order to ensure the anticorrosive effect of pipelines and equipment in purification workshop, it is necessary to decontaminate pipelines and equipment first, in order to enhance the adhesion of anticorrosive coatings to the surface of pipelines and equipment; there are manual, mechanical, sandblasting and chemical methods for rust removal.


Mechanical rust removal of pipelines and equipment in purification workshop uses certain mechanical equipment to friction the surface of pipelines or equipment to remove rust. There are commonly used methods such as rust removal by steel tube outer wall rust removal machine and electric wire brush rust removal machine. The rust layer and oxide skin on the inner surface of steel pipe can be removed by electric wire brush rust remover. The soft shaft is rotated by motor, and the soft shaft drives the disc wire brush to remove rust. The steel wire brushes of different sizes should be adopted for pipes with different diameters.


Spraying rust removal is a method that compressed air sprays sand or iron pellets onto the surface of pipeline equipment and removes rust on metal surface by striking hard small particles. This method can remove rust evenly, remove concave metal surface, rough metal surface and facilitate the combination of paint and metal surface. Chemical rust removal is a method of removing rust on the surface of pipes by dissolving and peeling rust layer through chemical reaction between acid solution and rust on the surface of pipes.


Strict surface treatment of pipeline and equipment surface in purification workshop can be used for anticorrosive coating construction. The number of coating layers and the thickness of each coating layer can be determined according to the need of construction. No matter which method of construction is adopted, the surface of the coating should be clean and dry to avoid working in low temperature and humid environment, and the coating should adhere firmly and uniformly, with uniform color and without peeling. Defects such as wrinkles, bubbles, etc. shall not be missed.www.wxrfcleanroom.com