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Safety precautions for using clean workbench

Feb 21, 2019

Clean workbench is suitable for indoor use. Please do not use it outdoors. Do not place it in high-speed dust source or earthquake source. Because the clean worktable does not have explosion-proof capability, it is strictly prohibited to use in flammable and explosive environment, and it is prohibited to use in places with wet, dewy, dusty, fume and fog for many times. Do not wipe the body with volatile oil or diluent to avoid damaging or discoloring the paint dust; do not impact the glass to avoid causing human injury.


When using, first put the clean worktable in place, then connect the wiring and power plug, so as to avoid electric shock. Make sure that the rated voltage and frequency of the equipment are equal to the parameters of the input power supply in order to avoid damage to the equipment and fire. Reliable grounding operation must be carried out for clean worktable equipment. Do not connect the power plug to the socket with protective grounding wire to ensure the safe use of equipment.


Please do not touch the electrical components in the clean workbench. When you have to touch, pull out the power plug first. Refitting is strictly prohibited in order to avoid accidents such as electric shock and fire. Do not place heavy objects on the power lead, do not pressurize the power lead, in order to avoid fire and electric shock caused by the breakage of the power lead; when replacing the fuse, ensure that its capacity does not exceed the specified capacity.


When the clean table is out of service for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the socket. When abnormal conditions occur, please stop the power supply and contact the operation safety matters. The opening position of the exhaust valve has been set. It is forbidden to change its setting state. When working, it is strictly forbidden to open the moving door higher than the "safe height", otherwise it will cause human injury. In the process of filter replacement, maintenance and repair, it is necessary to sterilize the clean table before it can be carried out.www.wxrfcleanroom.com