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Scientific and rational use and maintenance of super net

Aug 15, 2018

The super clean platform is a kind of air purification equipment which provides local dust free and aseptic working environment. It can control the polluted air in the working area artificially through the special filter channel, avoid the harm to people and the environment, and can also be widely used in biological laboratories, medical health students, biological pharmaceuticals and other related industries. Good process conditions protect the operator's health and improve product quality and yield.


The ultra clean platform is suitable for indoor use, so it should not be used outdoors, but also away from high speed dust sources and focal points. As the super net does not have the capability of explosion proof, it is forbidden to be used in flammable and explosive environment, and it is forbidden to use in places where more and more humidity, dew, dust and smoke and fog are used.


Do not use volatile oil, diluent and so on to wipe the super clean table, so as not to hurt the paint dust or cause the paint dust discoloration; prohibit impact glass, so as to avoid human injury; to ensure the maintenance of space and facilitate the replacement of fans, filters and electrical components, wiring maintenance.


In order to avoid damage to the equipment, it is necessary to carry out reliable grounding operation on the equipment. Please do not have to plug the power plug in the plug with a protected ground line. On the seat, the safe use of the equipment can be ensured.