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Selection and washing method of purified water pipe in purification engineering

Oct 23, 2018

Purification water pipeline is an important part of the purification project, which has a direct impact on the whole purification effect, so it should be carefully selected and used scientifically. Generally speaking, non-toxic engineering plastics or stainless steel should be used for pipeline materials in purification engineering; stainless steel pipeline should be welded by hot-melt argon arc welding, and the inner wall should be smooth, and the welding quality should be checked.


In addition to paying attention to the selection of pipelines in the purification project, we should also know how to clean, passivate and disinfect them. For example, when pre-flushing, we should prepare a storage tank and a water pump, which are connected with the pipelines that need to be passivated into a circulating channel, inject enough purified water into the storage tank at room temperature, and circulate with the water pump. Min after opening the drain valve, circulate side discharge, it is best to install a flowmeter.


If you want to wash the pipeline in the purification project with alkali, prepare sodium hydroxide chemical pure reagent when operating, add hot water to make up 1% alkali, circulate with the pump for no less than 30 minutes, then discharge; add purified water to the tank, start the pump, open the drain valve to discharge until the outlet water resistivity It is consistent with the resistivity of the water in the tank, and the emission time is at least 30min.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/