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Selection Key Points of High Efficiency Air Filter and DPC Compressed Air Filter

Dec 10, 2018

Air filter, which is a specific type of filter, is a common and commonly used type of filter. The object of use is air and compressed air. Therefore, in order to filter and purify the air correctly and smoothly, the following, in-depth understanding of air filters in the future, so as to achieve these purposes and good filtering effect.


1. What are the key points in the selection of high efficiency air filters in air filters?

High-efficiency air filter, which is a specific type of air filter, is a more common and widely used type. There are some key points in its selection, specifically for:


(1) The selection of high efficiency air filter should pay attention to the specific aspect of its control parameters. The main control parameters of this kind of filter, including filtration efficiency, rated air volume, initial resistance and dust capacity under rated air volume, can not be omitted.

(2) The test method is based on the standard of GB/T6165-1985, which stipulates that filters with a transmittance of no more than 0.1% or a transmittance of no less than 0.001% for particles with a diameter of no less than 0.1um are high efficiency air filters.

(3) Ultrafine glass fibre is the common filter material for high efficiency filters, and this kind of filter should meet the requirements of fire protection. It can be divided into three levels according to the degree of fire resistance. Its reference standard is GB8624-2012.

(4) When the filter is designed, it can be used as the final resistance according to the initial resistance, not as the calculated resistance of the filter. The initial resistance should not exceed 10% of the sample resistance.

(5) Dust capacity of high efficiency air filter is generally provided by the manufacturer. Leakage should be checked before the product leaves the factory. Other requirements of the filter are determined according to the needs of users. In addition, this kind of filter can not be used alone.


2. Is DPC compressed air filter different from ordinary filter?

Comparing DPC compressed air filters with ordinary filters, it can be concluded that the two filters are different because they have many differences. DPC compressed air filter is one of the air filters. Its filter element is straight-through and open. The impurities obtained during filtration do not need to be penetrated through the filter element and will be discharged automatically. The middle filter element is made of a high polymer filter material to ensure the filtering effect. In addition, some compressed air purges the inner wall of the filter element from top to bottom to reduce the resistance of the filter element to compressed air.www.wxrfcleanroom.com