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Selection Model and Installation and Maintenance of Wind Curtain Machine

May 21, 2019

The type of wind curtain machine is chosen mainly according to the width and height of the door, and the length of the wind curtain machine and the diameter of the wind wheel. The width of the door is better than the length of the fuselage. It can also be used in parallel with two or more. When the door is high, the machine with large diameter of wind wheel can be selected, otherwise, the machine with small diameter can be selected. The environment requires a quiet choice of small wheel diameter models, on the contrary, the choice of larger wheel diameter models.

Wind curtain machine should be used in the environment of the highest temperature 40 C and the lowest temperature - 10 C. There should be no vibration, impact, splashing of water droplets or vapor diffuse, and there should be no gas, conductive medium or explosive dangerous medium in the medium which corrodes and destroys insulation. 

Wind curtain machine should be installed in the inside of the door without vibration. The installation height is 2 - 3 meters, and the lower end of the air ejector is roughly equal to the lower end of the door frame. When the door width is larger than the machine length, two or several units can be installed in parallel and used simultaneously. The time between each windscreen is kept between 20 and 40 mm. There should be no gap between the windscreen and the wall.

Wind curtain machine should be maintained for 1500 hours. Power supply must be cut off before cleaning machine. Clean PTCR heating plate with soft brush, cotton fabric dipped in some water or vacuum cleaner will be heat sink, protection net clearance clean to prevent short-circuit electrodes. Never use gasoline, kerosene, diluent, etc. to clean the machine.www.wxrfcleanroom.com