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Selection of air conditioning system in clean workshop

Nov 13, 2018

There are many problems to be considered when choosing equipment for clean workshop. One of them is the matching degree of air conditioning system. Because the air conditioning conditions in clean workshop are more complex and stricter than the usual air conditioning interval, they are similar to hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, precision electronic parts manufacturing and so on.


In terms of industry specifications, the design requirements for clean workshops are different, depending on the use situation; in terms of cost, in some special applications, it is customary to design two or three filters to achieve the required state. Clean workshop should avoid shutdown as far as possible. Durability and reliability must be paid attention to in the cost of construction. And the calculation of operation cost must take into account the energy consumption and efficiency.


Most of the equipment selection will be affected by the special environmental requirements of temperature, humidity, noise, vibration and operation in clean workshop. After setting temperature and humidity, we must consider whether the air flow parameters meet the requirements. Typical clean workshops must be maintained at atmospheric atmospheric pressure, so the values of pressure and volume in the workshops must be properly controlled; the noise and vibration of fans must be taken into account; proper assembly equipment and motor speed can avoid unnecessary noise and vibration.


Also, the usage rate of clean workshop space will affect the actual size of air conditioning system. When designing equipment space, appropriate access should be reserved for cleaning or maintenance. For copper, stainless steel and aluminum coil, attention should be paid to those coils for that occasion.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/