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Setting Standard of Ventilation System in Dust-free Clean Room

Oct 19, 2019

The exhaust system is one of the components of the clean room. Although it is not the core, it will also have a certain impact on the cleanliness of the clean room. Therefore, it is also necessary to meet a series of strict requirements to ensure that the exhaust system can maintain normal working conditions.


When setting up the ventilation system of the clean room, it must be kept in a state of linkage with the ventilation system of the clean room. In operation, the ventilation system should be opened before the ventilation system, and then closed after the Dongfeng system, so that the dust impurities in the environment can be removed in time and thoroughly.


Secondly, for a clean room, the exhaust outlet setting of the exhaust system is also very critical. It is required to set the indoor exhaust outlet, instead of using the safety cabinet or other negative pressure isolation device as the exhaust outlet of the room, so as to avoid the singularity of the exhaust system.


In this clean room, in order to avoid environmental pollution, it is necessary to install a local negative pressure ventilation device and a high efficiency air filter to effectively filter out impurities and ensure the cleanliness of the clean room.


In addition, as an integral part of the clean room, the exhaust fan in the exhaust system should be equipped with a balanced machine seat, which helps to improve the stability of the machine in operation and reduce the occurrence of vibration; at the same time, effective noise reduction measures can be taken to ensure the silence effect of the clean room.


The air exhaust high efficiency filter shall be set at the air outlet of the dust-free clean room, and the filter position and air outlet structure shall be easy to replace the filter safely, so as to realize the stable control of the pressure and differential pressure in the dust-free clean room.


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