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Several Common Clean Room Purification Equipment

May 31, 2019

Purification equipment is mainly used to deal with various air pollution sources or air pollutants. It plays an extremely important role in industrial clean rooms. There are four kinds of common purification equipment, some suitable for home life, some more suitable for industrial use.


One is wall-mounted purification equipment, which is mainly hanging on the wall, so it is suitable for household life. Using photoelectric sensor and remote control technology, the operation is convenient; (3) speed regulation with three gears, low noise of dust collection operation; the outlet is separated from left and right, and three outlets are easy to form a good circulating air flow, such as with air conditioner, the effect is better.


The other is hanging purification equipment, which adopts thin box structure and can be used for hanging and wall hanging. Another kind is very common in clean rooms. It is roof suction purification equipment. This kind of purification equipment can fit into the ceiling of the roof of the room. It is very convenient to install and very beautiful to install in the room.


There is also a floor-type purification equipment, which mostly uses the front door structure and has double safety devices. It is easy to install and maintain. It is generally used in hospitals, wards, conference rooms and other places. It has many functions and new strong deodorization mode, three-speed control, low noise of dust collection operation.www.wxrfcleanroom.com