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Several energy saving methods in food aseptic workshop

Nov 06, 2018

For food aseptic workshop, reducing its pollution value is also conducive to energy saving, because the main air pollution source in food aseptic workshop is not people, but new building decoration materials, detergents, adhesives, modern office supplies and so on. Therefore, the use of green environmental protection materials with low pollution value can reduce the pollution of workshop, and is also a good way to reduce fresh air load and energy consumption.


As a food processing enterprise, the single storey large square square workshop is the best. Its remarkable advantages are the smallest exterior wall area, low energy consumption, saving the investment of building, cooling, heat load and the operation cost of equipment. Besides, it can control and reduce the ratio of windows to walls, and tighten the tightness of doors and windows. In addition, a heat insulation layer is installed in a food sterile workshop with a large temperature difference, which can also achieve the purpose of energy saving.


The design of food aseptic workshop and the determination of air cleanliness level should take into account the size of equipment, the operation mode and connection mode before and after the production process, the number of operations, the maintenance space of automated equipment and other factors in order to reduce investment and operation under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of production. The cost of the camp meets the requirements of energy saving.


Reduction of clean space means reduction of air volume ratio, ventilation time and energy consumption. Therefore, enterprises should try their best to reduce food aseptic workshop, especially high-level clean room area, according to different air cleanliness levels. At the same time, in high-level food aseptic workshop, clean air-conditioning room should be as close as possible to reduce. The length of the pipeline reduces energy loss.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/