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Several factors to be considered in the design process of purification workshop

Oct 09, 2018

The so-called purification workshop design is to control the indoor purity, and within the required range, to eliminate floating air particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants, and give a specially designed room. The layout of air purification system, the selection of air flow pattern and the arrangement of pipeline system should be considered comprehensively in the design of building plane and section.


And on the basis of the technological steps, properly deal with the relationship between purification room and non-purification room, as well as between different purification grade room, so that the room with high purity requirements is in a positive pressure state, in order to increase the air tightness.


The design of purification workshop should also pay attention to the noise control inside the building, isolation of external noise interference, attention to fire prevention, and safety evacuation of personnel in case of emergency; the entrance of personnel and materials should be set separately to avoid the crossing of personnel and material streamlines; the purification streamline should be clear, short, and reverse the direction of purification air flow. Conduct.


Besides, the surface of the cleaning workshop is smooth and smooth, and the dust collecting surface is reduced as much as possible, and the outline is also simple. The fire resistance grade and the fire resistance limit of roof, wall and other materials, as well as the configuration of fire entrance and passage, etc. should be properly determined in the design of purification workshop. In order to save energy, simplify the structure and reduce the cost, the suitable section form and layer height are determined by considering the factors of production technology, air distribution, pipeline laying, lighting and building space treatment.