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Significant Characteristics of Purified Air Conditioning System in Purification Workshop

Apr 18, 2019

Purification workshop is different from general production, so its supporting air-conditioning system is different from general air-conditioning system naturally. Besides indoor temperature and humidity, it also controls room cleanliness and pressure, and the control accuracy of temperature and humidity is high. Some clean rooms require temperature control in the (+0.1 (?)C range, etc.


At the same time, in addition to heat and humidity treatment, air must be pre-filtered, intermediate filtered and terminal filtered. In order to effectively and economically treat the air sent into the clean room, some high-level clean rooms adopt centralized fresh air treatment. Only the fresh air treatment system has multi-stage filtration, when there is strict requirement to remove molecules. When pollutants are contaminated, various chemical filters should also be set up.


Considering the requirements of air distribution and air distribution in purification workshop, it is necessary to limit and reduce the diffusion of dust particles as far as possible, reduce secondary air flow and eddy current, so that clean air flow is not polluted, and is directly sent to the working area through the shortest distance.


In order to ensure that the purification workshop is not polluted by outdoor or adjacent rooms, it must maintain a certain pressure difference with outdoor or adjacent rooms, the minimum pressure difference is more than 5 Pa, which requires a certain positive pressure air volume or a certain exhaust air. And the air treatment equipment, air duct material and sealing material of purified air conditioning system have certain requirements according to the different air cleanliness grades.


In addition, the air-conditioning system of the purification workshop should be adjusted and tested according to the regulations to achieve the required air cleanliness level, and the high-efficiency filters and installation quality of the system should be checked and leaked according to the regulations.www.wxrfcleanroom.com