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Solar cell production workshop steel structure construction points to share

Dec 28, 2017

In order to meet the production requirements, so in the construction of solar cell production workshop, often have to reserve a lot of space, and to ensure adequate floor height. At present, many manufacturers are using steel as the main workshop structure of solar cell production workshop, in which independent steel columns are mainly connected with each independent concrete column base by bolts.


Before setting up the steel structure, be sure to finish the foundation treatment according to the requirements. Generally, it is necessary to make reinforced concrete pipe piles or reinforced concrete piles. Then in the solar cell production workshop exterior walls and roof panels with 75 thick rock composite color plate for enveloping. Next, we mainly introduce the material requirements of the outer wall color steel plate and anticorrosive and anti-rust treatment requirements.


We should know that, in the actual production of solar cell production workshop, usually to maintain the acidic environment. So in the peripheral protection, the bottom of the outer wall of the color plate belongs to the corrosion may be vulnerable parts. In order to prevent corrosion, so in the design process, we must strictly in accordance with the production of design, and to properly control the color steel plate thickness.


For example, at the bottom of the plate, you can properly increase the thickness. Also make sure that it is tightly connected to the adjacent panels, and that the seams with the bay windows pick out the metal. Be sure to seal well. If you do not meet this requirement, then after a period of time, solar panels production plant exterior panels look good overall, but there may be a serious corrosion of the color plate root rust problem.


This will require timely replacement, not only cost more, but also affect the normal production operations. Therefore, the solar panel production workshop on the thickness of the outer plate should be designed properly, and to strengthen the solar cell production workshop exterior color plate raw material quality control.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/