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Staff members must take the steps necessary to dust-free clean room.

Oct 12, 2017

Considering the particularity of dust-free clean room, it also fairly strict management system, to people, for instance, before entering the dust-free clean room must be after three steps, to try to keep clean the cleanliness of clean room, to avoid the production process of pollution.

The first step is to wash the hands, face and even the temporary attachment and accumulated body surface of the body.The second step is to change clothes, shoes, in order to reduce the pollutants from the outside into the dust-free clean the room, and clean room work clothes not only requires high surface cleanliness, and need to remove contaminants easily, at the same time should also not easy to generate static electricity.

But that's just not enough, also need to enter the dust-free clean room the last step of the process, the air flow, is to use the clean air purging and naked table temporary attachments, all your clothes after the three steps, can carry to a certain extent, reduce the human body and the clothing external contaminants, reduce the pollution caused by direct contact, most of the body and underwear and dust-free clean room air.

Due to blowing shower tend to be set at the entrance of the dust-free clean room, and at the ends of the often interlock door opening and closing, so it is not only used for purification, and the effect of air brake, to prevent the pollution from the outside.Some purification requirement for personnel is not high, dust-free clean door, sometimes use gas brake with air curtain, roof is set at the entrance with medium and high efficient filter unit, through the slit jet stream down, form the air curtain shade pollution.

After the three steps of processing, the staff of the pollutants will be removed, in order to conform to the working conditions of dust-free clean room, it also has become one of the control process production environment essential link.