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Stainless Steel Cleanroom Air Shower

Jun 09, 2017

Air shower

Basic Info

  • Type: Air Cleaning Equipment

  • LCD Display: With LCD Display

  • Original Place: Zhejiang, China

  • Suit: Single Person-Double Side

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

  • Theory: Air Cleaning Equipment

  • Electric Tension: 220V

  • Material: Steel Plate

  • Brand: GESC

  • Machine Type: Air Shower

  • Trademark: GESC

  • Specification: GMP

Product Description

Air shower series product is a kind of partial purifying equipment of strong universality. With novel structure, beautiful appearance, reliable running, low consumption, energy saving and convenient maintenance, it is widely used in electron, machinery, medicine, foodstuff, color packing, brewage, biological engineering and other industry and scientific research fields. It is usually installed between clean room and unclean room. When people and goods enter into clean room, they have to be blown at first. The blown clean air can get rid of dust bough by people and goods and can effectively prevent dust source from entering into clean area. 
The air inside of air shower is firstly filtered under the action of fan and enters into static pressure tank. After filtered with high-efficiency air filter, clean air is jet out at high speed from the nozzle of air shower. The nozzle angel is adjustable. It can effectively blow out dust attached on people and goods' surface. The blown dust enters into primary-efficiency air filter again, circulating so and reaching to the aim of air shower. 
Air shower material
1. color steel plate 2. steel plate 3. stainless steel