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Standard for air filter replacement in clean engineering

Aug 21, 2017

With the development of the industry, people's requirements for the cleanliness of production environment are higher and higher. In order to satisfy the needs , many products have been applied to clean engineering in the production environment.By means of the preliminary understanding of clean engineering, Air filter is an indispensable part of the project to filter all kinds of impurities in the air

When clean engineering gained popularity, people's attention to it is becoming more and more deep, on this basis we know clean engineering of air filter is the period of using, once the deadline or show the poor performance effect, means that it needs to be replaced.

Although the air filter is necessity for clean engineering, but here the air filter is to have cultured, does not necessarily mean the higher price of air filter effect is better, the more suitable for use in a clean engineering, Center on attention on the quality of or clean the filter.

Replace the air filter in clean engineering,first carry on the comprehensive review, If on the air filter has very obvious on dark or black, That means the air filter needs to be replaced.

Also, if the air filters in the clean engineering have problem, there will be a discouraged, which is one of the signs of replacing the air filter.In addition, if found equipment filtering effect is not good, but its itself does not appear what problem, this time also need to look at it around to see if there is a lot of dust, if have a lot of dust ,then you need to clean the air filter .

But remember, if the clean engineering of the clean air filter after rinse thoroughly , or can't achieve Ideal filtering effect, then it means the equipment needs to be replaced, continue to use, it affects the whole clean engineering effect.