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Standard requirements for cleaning and decoration of clean room without dust

Mar 20, 2018

Clean room cleaning or decoration involves a lot of basic technical requirements, the first is about the clean room, try to set up a few places in the stream, and flow direction from the clean room to sell low clarity clarity with Gao Jie, Gu clarity improved, to gradually reduce the flow density.


If no special requirements for the purification process, clean room is commonly used sealed window of the plant, the plant height of about 2.5 meters in general requirements. In order to lay out the influence on the clean room, which is easy to produce dust, process equipment, clean air conditioning system, water and gas pipeline, buffer outdoor air temperature, humidity and dust, the clean room with high cleanliness should be equipped with the technical corridor along the outer wall.


Secondly, the construction of dustless clean room is as close as possible, and the seams of doors and windows and the pipelines passing through the dust-free room must be strictly sealed. All the gaps should be sealed with silica gel, so as to effectively prevent the entry of external pollution.


Besides, as a building material for dustless clean rooms, materials that are hard, wearable and dustless are usually used. Their surfaces are smooth, easy to wipe and clean, and have physical and chemical stability under the action of temperature and humidity change and vibration.


Especially for the floor materials of dustless clean rooms, materials with corrosion protection properties should be selected so as not to be affected by corrosive media, but always maintain good performance. At the same time, they can extend the service life of the ground as much as possible.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/