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Standards for Use and Maintenance of Clean Table

Apr 17, 2019

Ultraviolet lamp should be used to irradiate the clean table for 30-40 minutes before use, and check that all kinds of open doors and windows around the operation area are in working position. Operations are best carried out at the center of the operation area, which is a safer area in design. We should have a preliminary understanding of the experimental materials before operation, and at the same time understand the performance and safety level of the equipment we use.


Strict implementation of the clean table safety regulations, if the experimental materials will cause environmental pollution, it should be avoided in the model without exhaust filter, because the operation in the flowing air is no different from that in the dispersion of poisons. No advanced equipment can guarantee the success of the experiment. The use of super-clean workbench in animal quarantine laboratory aims at sterility and avoiding cross-contamination. Therefore, skilled operation and clear sterility essentials are indispensable.


Clean table is a more precise electrical equipment, its regular maintenance and maintenance is very important. First of all, we should keep the indoor dry and clean. Wet air will not only make the manufacturing materials rust, but also affect the normal operation of electrical circuits. Wet air is also conducive to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Clean environment can also extend the service life of the filter plate.


In addition, regular cleaning of equipment is an important part of normal use. Cleaning should include routine cleaning and regular treatment before and after use. When fumigating, all crevices should be completely sealed, such as the type of clean table with movable baffle cover at the operation port, which can be sealed with plastic film. The filter board and ultraviolet sterilizing lamp of the clean table have the calibrated service life and should be replaced on schedule.www.wxrfcleanroom.com