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Standards to be strictly observed in the construction of purification and installation company

Jul 29, 2019

In order to ensure the quality and use effect, it is required that all purification projects should be completed by professional purification and installation companies, and the relevant specifications should be observed in the actual construction process, so as to avoid adverse factors affecting the construction of purification projects. So what must purification and installation companies do?


Firstly, in the construction process of the purification and installation company, all personnel must enter and exit from the prescribed entrances and exits, change into soft sole shoes before entering the clean area, and do not wear soft sole shoes outside the clean area. Except for construction personnel and management personnel, idle and miscellaneous persons are not allowed to enter the clean area.


In addition to items necessary for installation, other items such as food, beverages, cigarettes, lighters and so on are prohibited from being brought into the purification project. Before entering, construction equipment, tools, materials and accessories prepared by the purification and installation company must be cleaned and wiped outdoors and then enter and exit from the prescribed entrances and exits.


When the construction personnel of the purification engineering company carry materials and machines in the dust-free workshop, they should handle them lightly to prevent collision with the wall or roof, and the tools or materials must be removed completely from the ground and not towed on the ground. Tools such as scaffolding must be cleaned and the pedals must be wrapped in plastic wrap.


Purification engineering companies strictly stipulate that no welding, drilling, cutting, grinding and other processing operations are allowed in the clean room, which should be completed in advance. When carrying out polluting work, vacuum cleaner must be used synchronously to clean or isolate the construction area with plastic film to avoid potential hazards.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/