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Structure and performance of cleaning equipment

Sep 12, 2018

Purification equipment refers to the products that can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollution sources and air pollutants, and effectively improve air cleanliness. It can be divided into wall hanging type, hanging type, ceiling suction type, landing type and other different amount structure types. Their corresponding performance characteristics are also different.


Wall mounted purification equipment can be hung on walls, suitable for residential and small and medium-sized offices. It adopts optoelectronic sensor and remote control technology, easy to operate; three speed control, low noise of dust collection operation; left and right air outlets separated, three outlets, easy to form a good circulation of air, such as air conditioner and better effect.


The shape design of hanging purification equipment adopts thin box structure, which can be used for hanging and wall hanging. It is suitable for ordinary shops, offices and other places. Various functions make the strong deodorization effect better; three-speed control, dust collection operation noise is low; for multi-unit centralized control.


The suction-roof purifier can fit the machine on the ceiling of the roof of the room, and it is easy to install; it can be controlled by a single remote control unit or centralized control of multiple units; it has multiple functions, and uses a new strong deodorization method, with good effect; it can choose the right direction of the air, and realize multi-directional ventilation.


There is also a landing purification equipment, most of the use of front door structure, with dual safety devices, easy installation and maintenance, suitable for hospitals, wards, meeting rooms and other places. It has a variety of functions and new strong deodorization methods, three block speed control, low noise of dust collection and operation.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/