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SUS Stainless Steel Clean Room Air Shower with HEPA Filter

Jun 09, 2017

Basic Info

  • Usage: Home, Industry, Medical, Clean Room

  • Purifying Technology: HEPA

  • Product Name: Cleanroom Air Shower

  • Power: 50Hz 380V

  • Feature: Automatic Blowing

  • Spurt Wind Speed: 15-20m/S

  • Nozzles: Stainless Steel Nozzles

  • Origin: China

  • Structure: Floor Standing

  • Air Volume: >400m3/h

  • Air Shower Time: 0-99s

  • Efficiency: 99.99%@0.3um

  • Nozzle Diameter: 38mm

  • Application: Lab/Clean Room

  • Filter Class: HEPA Filter

  • Trademark: GESC

Product Description

SUS STAINLESS STEEL Clean Room Equipment Air Shower with HEPA Filter

Key Features:

1.Microprocessor programming capabilities. 

2.Standard interlocking doors which release automatically with power power failure.
3.In case of a power failure, all doors are unlocked automatically, and controller setting saved.

4.A disposable pre-filter with 85% arsenate extends the life of HEPA Filter.

5.The Air Shower is constructed of steel sheets with an abrasion-resistant oven-baked powder coated finish.

6. Each Air Shower is individually factory tested for safety and performance standard.
7.The Air Shower is fully assembled and ready to install and operate when shipped.

8.The Air Shower is warranted for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories.

Cleanroom Applications:  

The greatest source of particulate contamination in a cleanroom is the operator. Air showers an installed between change areas and the cleanroom. The air shower enhances cleanroom operating protocol by serving as a reminder to all operators that they are entering a controlled environment. Personnel therefore, develop the habit of gowning up properly before entering the air shower.