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Talking about the clean efficiency of laminar flow hood

Aug 24, 2018

Laminar hood is a kind of universal purification equipment, that is to say, in practical application, it can effectively improve the cleanliness of the air in the local environment. Next we mainly introduce the clean efficiency of laminar flow hood, hoping to provide some reference.


First of all, combined with the actual application to analyze, users in the use of laminar flow hood, on the one hand, shorten the construction cycle, because of its low plant requirements, easy installation; on the other hand, it has the effect of saving electricity, can save investment for enterprises, thus attracting more and more users. Up to now, the device has been widely used in electronics, food, precision machinery and other areas that require high cleanliness.


What is the cleanliness efficiency of laminar flow hood? In some clean rooms, we can modularize the device to FFU and use it individually or more. Comparatively speaking, the 100-stage laminar flow hood has a high cleanliness, and the lower end of laminar flow air supply has a 100-grade cleanliness, thus solving the requirements that the clean room production process can not meet, so that the product can be safely produced in the clean room.