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The advantages of central air conditioning in dust free clean rooms to improve wind power

Jul 17, 2018

As part of the clean room, the central air conditioning project can improve the instability of the operation and rotation of the fan blade. In the working flow of the high pressure refrigeration, the imbalance of the temperature increase and adjustment is improved, which avoids the serious separation of the central air conditioning and the severe shock of the air.


In order to meet the requirements, it is necessary to improve the wind of the central air conditioning in the clean room. In order to control the balance function in the operation of the parts, the hydraulic absorption of the steam filter is not hot in the use of the drainage equipment, so the operation of the cleaning fan leaves is needed in the conversion of the refrigeration work. In the proper process, we need to switch to cool and hot control techniques.


In the use of steam system filtration, it can improve the health of the air to reduce the growth of bacteria, and cause the circulation of exhaust pipes during the breathing process of the human body, which increases the circulation of the process of evaporation filtration in the treatment of various refrigeration systems, and promotes the characteristics of the large wind power in the refrigeration system.


The central air conditioning project of the clean room can improve the condition that the vaporization pressure of the filter can be increased during the rotation of the controlled steam equipment, and the situation that the mechanical rotation is not flexible is reduced in the use of the compressed air flow in the work, and the phenomenon of the headache caused by the larger rotating wind force of the air conditioner is improved.