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The advantages of clean benches in various industries

Mar 27, 2018

The clean bench itself is a tool designed to meet the needs of the cleanliness of the local work area in the fields of modern industry, optoelectronics, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific research experiments. It can make the operating area reach a hundred degrees of cleanliness and ensure the production of Environmental cleanliness requirements.


The super-clean bench is divided into a vertical flow super-clean bench and a horizontal flow super-clean bench according to the direction of the air flow. However, if it is distinguished from the operational structure, it is divided into two types: unilateral operation and bilateral operation. Either way, it sucks air into the pre-filter through the fan and enters the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box. The filtered air is sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal airflow.


At present, the ultra-clean benches are widely used in medical, scientific research, optoelectronics, and other industries with their advantages of an open platform, easy operation, and cleanliness of up to a hundred. Of course, its advantages are far more than these, for example, it uses advanced direct-drive high-efficiency centrifugal fan, with low noise, long life, maintenance-free, stepless speed adjustment and so on.


Ultra-clean worktable can not only be arranged for single use according to process requirements, but also can be used to form 100-level ultra-clean production line in series, with features that can be assembled and used alone, with strong flexibility; and on this basis, it is installed. The differential pressure gauge clearly shows the pressure difference on both sides of the high-efficiency filter and prompts the user to replace the high-efficiency filter.


The clean bench adopts a touch-type operation panel, LED digital display, beautiful and easy to operate; using stainless steel work table, more effectively guarantee the cleanliness. The product has undergone rigorous inspection before leaving the factory, so its reliability is extremely high.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/