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The air filter element and the high efficiency dust content determine the factors

Sep 23, 2017

Air filter, it is one of the filter, and that, for us, is also must be familiar with and understand one, because, in its application, it is very broad, so, if you don't understand, then, is not to use correctly, and make a good use effect.So here's a quick study of its learning, so that you can benefit from it, and some of it is rewarding and inspiring


Air cleaner and air filters. Are these two the same?

Air cleaner, its in use process, generally it is not in contact with the oil tank, its main well, is to ensure a clean air in the oil tank, and air filter, its use in the oil tank, is in contact with the oil tank.So, there's a difference between them, it's not the same.


The air filter in the scooter is in the filter element. Which parts are there?

The air filter in the scooter is in the filter element. In general, the two parts, such as the sponge and the paper core, are important. Therefore, it is necessary to have one.If there is dirt on the sponge, the air pump can be cleaned, and if there is oil, wash it with detergent, then dry it and re-install it.


Will the air filter be used in the 100-level clean room?And how do you determine the amount of dust in the H14 high efficiency air filter?

In the 100-level clean room, the air filter will be used, and that's for sure.And in the specific category of the air filter, it's for the high efficiency air filter.

H14 high efficiency air filter for the determination of the amount of dust, basically be to see the filter size, and between the two, is for the proportional relations, namely, the filter size is small, it should the small amount of dust.For example, 320*320*96mm and 484*484* 96mm, the first of clogging capacity is 270 grams, the latter is 620 grams.