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The application areas of dustless clean rooms and the determinants of their quotations

Jun 14, 2018

Clean room is a basic supporting industry with a wide range of applications. It is currently used in many industries, such as automotive spraying, electronic information, aerospace, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing and so on. According to the requirements of precision and dustless industry in the industry, the difference between the grade and the corresponding price is also great.


Dust-free clean rooms are often used in many areas, first of all, the microelectronics industry, which is, of course, the most demanding industry for dust-free cleanrooms. In addition, the production of liquid crystals and optical fibers in modern industry also requires cleanliness. The second is the pharmaceutical industry, and the requirements for different cleanliness levels corresponding to the technological process are put forward for the production environment. In addition to limiting the size and content of dust particles in air, there is a clear limitation on biological particles.


At the same time, there is a large demand for clean room and medical science experiments, such as hospital, medical science, and so on, must ensure a clean environment, can be more conducive to the ideal treatment and experimental results. In addition, the aseptic packaging of food and others, such as aerospace industry, precision machinery industry, instrument and instrument industry, fine chemical industry, etc., are used in clean and clean room.


With the popularization of clean room in the industrial production, the manufacturers are more concerned about how to achieve large benefits and complete the maximum output with minimal investment in the planning and construction, and the efficient economic design scheme is the only choice to achieve the maximum benefit.


There are many factors that will affect the price of clean room project, first is the temperature, the setting of high temperature is determined according to the requirements of the production process. As the products of various industries are more and more refined, the requirements for clean room are getting higher and higher, and the scope of the impact will be smaller and smaller.


Secondly, the requirements of the equipment, clean room will be used in all kinds of purification equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment, so the cost of the construction of a complete purification project is high, the time is long. At the same time, the dust-free cleanroom with high cleanliness requirement is also very high on the equipment and materials used, so the higher the cleanliness level is, the higher the price will be. In addition, the actual area of dust-free cleanroom is larger. The larger the area to be built, the longer the construction time will be, and the higher the cost will be. http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/