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The basic requirements to be satisfied in the design of aseptic workshop

Sep 22, 2017

Design of aseptic workshop, to satisfy the requirement of the standard series of as far as possible, so as to achieve the highest possible level of sterile, for some special industries providing clean and reliable aseptic production environment.What should be noticed in the design of aseptic workshop?

First, the aseptic workshop should be arranged according to the production process flow, and the process should be as short as possible, which can reduce the intersection and reciprocation, making the flow of people and logistics more reasonable.In the aseptic workshop, besides the area to be equipped with the requirements of the product process, there should be a clean room, laundry room, temporary storage room, and workshop equipment, etc. They should be independent of each other.

Secondly, the design, the same or no aseptic workshop to produce cross-contamination between adjacent aseptic workshop as the basic principle, in order to achieve this, on the one hand require the production process and raw materials would not be mutual influence on the quality of the product;On the other hand, there should be air-lock or anti-pollution measures between different levels of sterile workshop.

In order to ensure a safe operating area, the area also has carried on the provisions of the aseptic workshop, the average per capita area of not less than 4 ㎡, in addition to the corridor, equipment and other goods.Moreover, the cleanliness of the aseptic workshop should be consistent with the protection requirements of the processed products.


In the process of designing a aseptic workshop, don't forget to indicate the direction of return, air supply and water piping, so as to manage and improve later.All of these requirements can be met, and the sterile workshop may not be contaminated, in line with the aseptic requirements of the production process.