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The calculation of the cross section area of the air filter and whether the exhaust fan is available.

Jun 04, 2018

Air filter, it is a common type of filter, mainly used in the air filter, and this kind of filter, can be reclassified, can be divided into three kinds of early, medium and efficient. Since the specific types of air filters have been known, it may be possible to continue the study of this filter in the tropics, so that it can be used reasonably and at the same time to ensure the proper use of the product.


1. Distinction between oil-water separator and air filter

Oil and water filters can separate oil from water and remove impurities and water by gravity. The air filter is an air filter, mainly used to purify the air and dustproof. Therefore, these two kinds of devices can distinguish them well for different devices, different objects, purposes and structural performance.


2. What are the performance indexes of air filters? How is the sectional area calculated?

The performance indicators of air filters, in particular, have three initial efficiencies, initial resistance and filter area. Moreover, these three are important performance indicators of the filter, so one can not be omitted. The calculation of the cross-sectional area of this kind of filter can be carried out and obtained the specific value through air volume and wind speed. The air volume of the filter is usually rated by the rated air volume.


3. Is there an interval mileage parameter for air filters in cars?

The air filter in a car is one of the filters, and it has corresponding parameters, such as filtering level and interval mileage. Therefore, there is a distance mileage parameter on this kind of filter, and there are related regulations. Generally speaking, when the vehicle reaches its mileage, it should be cleaned to avoid blockage of the air filter and affect its normal operation and operation.


4. Is there an exhaust fan with an air filter?

From the present point of view, there is an exhaust fan with an air filter, but it is not a simple exhaust fan, but on the specific name, it is not called the exhaust fan. It should be called a filter type pipe fan or a purifying type pipe fan. In the use of this type of fan, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pressure of the fan can meet the wind resistance required by the filter, because the device can not work if the condition is not satisfied.