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The category and main features of the clean unit FFU.

Oct 20, 2017

Usually we use the FFU to call the clean unit FFU.So-called clean unit actually consists of different types, The main products are FFU fan filter unit, fan purifying unit, fan filter unit, purifying air supply unit, clean air supply system, etc.

So, in practice, do you know what the main characteristics of the clean unit FFU should be?Normally, its purification level includes static 10 to 100.That is to say, in the market, the user friends can combine their actual needs to choose the appropriate type and specification, has met the requirements.

In addition, different clean unit FFU can achieve the same wind speed in actual operation, which is mainly composed of 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5 m.Normally, the noise generated during its operation is within 58 db. The power of the fan filter unit is 220V, 50Hz.

Normally, the filter in the clean unit FFU system belongs to the no-partition efficiency filter. In normal state, the filter efficiency can reach 99.99%, thus ensuring the purification level.On the whole, it is made of Cold steel plate pickling electrostatic spraying or stainless steel.

In addition, because of the characteristics of the structure and so on, clean unit FFU can maintain a long service life under normal conditions.And you can guarantee that the wind will remain steady in the face of the ultimate resistance of high efficiency filters.

Finally, in the work, the user can refer to the actual situation and choose to assemble it into an ultra-clean production line.For example, a suitable fan filter unit can be selected in combination with the production.In other words, the clean unit FFU system can be used single-stage, or in series.