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The characteristics, principles and significance of clean operating room clean engineering

May 25, 2018

The layout scheme of the clean project is designed according to the occasion, and the clean project like the clean operating room reflects its own unique features. First of all, its purification ventilation duct is made of galvanized steel sheet, and it is affixed with flame-retardant PEF foamed plastic board with good purifying and heat preservation effect.


In the clean operating room, the high-efficiency air supply port adopts a stainless steel frame, which is beautiful and clean. The punched stencils are painted with aluminum plates, and do not rust and stick dust. They should be cleaned. As part of the clean operating room cleansing project, the room walls and roof plates are generally large. It is made of 50mm thick sandwich color steel plate, featuring beautiful appearance and strong rigidity. The arc wall corners, doors, window frames, etc. are generally made of special alumina profiles.


In order to meet the requirements, the surface of the clean operating room is made of epoxy floor or high-grade imported wear-resistant PVC floor. There are anti-static requirements, and anti-static type can be used. In the past two years, advanced design concepts have been set up to optimize the combination of equipment and facilities, creating favorable conditions for medical personnel.


After the clean operating room cleansing project is opened, the air flow will be blown into the room through preliminary purification air-conditioning, mid-effective purification blower, air supply purification pipe, high-efficiency air supply port, etc., and take away particles such as dust bacteria, and repeat the above process to achieve purification. purpose.


The use of the clean operating room cleansing project not only eliminates the hazards of aerosol contamination to surgical patients, prevents postoperative infections, and improves the success rate of surgery, but also can improve the economic and social benefits of the hospital, and the basis of the clean operating room cleansing project. Conditions and equipment are important symbols of hospital modernization.


Perfect clean operating room cleansing project reduces the losses that may cause legal proceedings and protects the interests of the hospital. It also meets the requirements of the State's relevant technical specifications and standards for surgical department building, and is of great significance to the development of the entire industry.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/