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The common material and two series types of new high efficiency air vent

Feb 23, 2018

In fact, the actual filtration effect of the high efficiency air vent is not mainly dependent on the amount of air, but has a great relationship with its material. In the past, in the design process, wooden frame version is widely used. Due to the characteristics of wood materials, long time use may breed bacteria on wooden frame boards, thus affecting the dustless effect.


Especially in the areas of medicine and biological clean rooms, a very small amount of bacteria can cause damage to the research results. So when building a clean room, it needs to be accepted as a whole, and the scientific research can be carried out before the acceptance is passed. However, people may ignore the border of the efficient air vent. As the frame uses wood material, it may cause pollution to the whole clean room in practical application.


So how can we avoid such a situation? As a matter of fact, when we build a clean room, we must use metal frame for the frame with high efficiency, so that the bacteria will not spread to the border when it is used. In addition to certain conditions for high temperature and humidity, there is a certain requirement, so it is recommended to choose a filter with high temperature and moisture separation plate.


At present, there are many manufacturers in the market, so the type of high efficiency air vent is becoming more and more rich, but not every one can meet your needs. To be exact, there are two kinds of series, i. e., I and II. The series I is the form of replaceable filter, and the Series II is a one-off tuyere form, but all is the lower air supply.


The main advantage of the former efficient outlet product is its convenient installation and reliable sealing. It is mainly composed of high efficiency filter, high quality steel sheet and aluminum alloy diffuser orifice. The high efficiency air supply Series II product can also be subdivided into two kinds: super thin and thin type. The main advantages of this kind of products are: simple and reliable box structure, strong ventilation, uniform air supply and simple installation and maintenance.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/