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The construction characteristics and main equipment of high efficiency air ...

Sep 14, 2017

I don't know if you've heard of it or use an efficient air supply outlet.Or we can call it high-efficiency filter air supply plenum chamber.In practical application, the efficient air supply outlet belongs to the end device of purifying the air supply system.Its main function is to obtain a more suitable static pressure before passing the high efficiency filter, so as to stay even when the wind is blows.

In addition, in actual work, we usually determine whether to configure the corresponding pressure difference detection port according to the user's actual needs.Generally speaking, if on-site leak detection is required, the efficient air supply outlet needs to be equipped with a DOP dust detection.There are many kinds of sealing methods, such as dry seal, wet seal, dry and wet double seal, etc. Users can choose for themselves.

High efficient supply outlet

In order to impress people, we will introduce the main structure of high efficiency air supply outlet,It is mainly composed of box, flowing panel , high efficiency filter and manual regulating valve.The material of the box is made of cold rolled steel plate baking paint or stainless steel.The main function of the flowing panel is to ensure the velocity of airflow, so as not to form vortex.

In the whole, the structure design of the efficient air supply outlet is more compact and reasonable, and the sealing is more reliable.In addition, the air supply mode mainly includes two kinds, the flange square and the circle.For the time being, its application field mainly includes: various levels, various roof structure of the non-uniform flow cleanroom.

Finally, we will analyze the design of liquid channel seal.In general, the efficient air filter will be equipped with a liquid channel seal with efficient air supply outlet.In the installation,the sealing glue tank groove is fitted with a knife edge around the box to ensure the sealing effect.And when you change the filter, you don't have to worry about the sealant.